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The Culinary Misadventures of Perfect_Beaker

3 minutes and it's chow time.

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1 December 1979
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Two Rules I live By:
1. Never throw shit at an armed man.
2. Never stand next to someone who is throwing shit at an armed man.
I miss you, Walter.
June 30th, 2006


An aspiring member of the Order Of The Science Scouts Of Exemplary Repute And Above Average Physique, a lover of all things ramen; a quirky, geeky, not quite self-assured, book reading, song singing, funny gal.


Please rise for the Drive-In Oath.
We are drive-in mutants. We are not like other people. We are sick, we are disgusting. We believe in blood, in breasts, and in beasts. If life had a vomit meter, we'd be off the scale. As long as one drive-in remains on the planet Earth, we will party like jungle animals, we will boogie 'til we puke, the drive-in will never die. Amen.
- Joe Bob Briggs

The Highway 21 Drive-In of my home town, Beaufort, SC has just celebrated 75 years of entertainment. Here's to 75 more!

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